Make Your Own Weather


lighting-diagram-cutie-mcqueenI wanted to take a picture of this little cutie in her Lightning McQueen Power Wheels car, complete with the “glam glasses.” Unfortunately the weather was really working against me and had been raining like mad. Now normally I like the rainy, cloudy weather when the light is edging just outside of horizon as it makes for a wonderfully large softbox that is super soft and makes colors just pop, but this particular evening was just bad weather and time was running out.
As luck would have it we got what turned out to be a 5 minutes reprieve from the rain and I quickly dragged out the car and put my main light just to the camera right with a 43″ shoot through umbrella. I slapped on a 1/4 CTO gel to give it a look like the sun might actually be around these parts and set the power to where I thought would be a good starting point.

Next I took another SB-28 and 1/2 CTO gel and pointed it back towards the umbrella in a classic cross lighting setup with the camera to be shooting near the front of the car which would be about 45 degrees from the lights. I guessed the power at 1/16 and slapped a velcro gobo on it grabbed my camera. Again, just working as fast as I could since it was already starting to sprinkle again, which would be a prelude to downpour that would soon ensue, I rev’ed up my Fuji X-E2 with the 14mm f/2.8 lens and set it at 5.6 with a 1/125th shutter speed.

I plopped the little cutie in the car and hit the deck in front of the hood and chimp’ed the LCD. Dropped back to f4.5 and booya! It was really beginning to rain now so I snapped a few more images and got the little one and the gear out of the elements and that was it. From start to finish was probably less than 5 minutes, but I did get the shot.

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