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lighting-diagram-1393186821What do you get when you add masquerade masks, props, a ring flash, a roll of seamless paper, and a little booze thrown in for good measure? The makings of some great pictures in the SWCC’s annual Parent’s Night Out fundraising event where I volunteered to setup up a photo booth to take pictures of all of the attendees in their masquerade apparel.

I put up a roll of seamless white background paper and used an Alien Bees ABR ring flash. I started out on half power and F5.6 at ISO 200 and moved the aperture down to F11 to allow for lots of depth of field since I figured things would be pretty dynamic and I wanted the most room for error. I also set my shutter speed at my camera’s highest setting it can sync at, 1/180th of a second, again, just trying to own all of the light and not let the ambient that was showing through the windows behind the paper.

I had people stand close as possible to background to brighten it up as much as possible and get that cool ring flash shadow that I love. All in all it turned out pretty well but to self critique a bit, I should have increased the exposure a little to turn the background completely white instead of the light gray cast it has. You can also see the edge of the paper in a few of the shots as well as some detail in the paper, but it still turned out pretty well and the people loved them.

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