Sunsets And Strobes



lighting-diagram-1393083800I wanted to get a picture of my girls watching the sun set into the water and just received my new flash and wireless transmitter/receivers. I know that if I were to just take a picture without the flash to bring up the light on my girls they would be black against the sunset which wasn’t the look I was going for. Or if I metered for detail on my girls, the sunset would be blown out and not look at all what I was seeing so speed lights to the rescue!

There just so happened to be a large piece of driftwood behind me that I was able to use as a light stand, so I threw my EF-42 on it which put it to the 7 o’clock position to my subjects and stood behind them. I snapped a few and adjusted the power on the flash until I had the ratio I was looking for and snapped away.

Is this picture perfect? Not at all. The big shadow on the log is distracting but I didn’t have a light stand with me and I made what I had work. Of course I could probably fix, or at least lesson the shadow in post processing, but the point is I have the photo with the bare minimum of gear and if I waited for the perfect conditions I wouldn’t have this great image of my girls enjoying the view.

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