The Basics – Photography 101

Welcome to the Photography Basics section of the site! Did you just pick up a camera for the first time and have no idea what all of those knobs and dial do? Perhaps you have been shooting for years and want to get off the Automatic Mode?  Or maybe you want to get a better understanding of the fundamentals of photography so you can push the limits of your creativity. Regardless where you reside on the photography skills continuum, I hope the following posts provide you with the information that unlocks the wonderful world of photography and allows you to harvest all of the incredible images waiting to get out of your camera.

Just like with everything you ever learned, there are some “rules” to learn and understand before you can move forward. So we’ll start with the boring stuff and get that out of the way, then on to applying it to get the images you want to get!

Part 1 – The Exposure Triangle

Part 2 – Your Light Meter is Stupid